Creating a simple doc site

The following recipe will work in any github project repo. It assumes pub-server installed globally. This new site uses pub-theme-doc and a flat list of pages. No configuration is required to get started.

Create a doc folder

    $ mkdir doc
    $ cd doc

    # create some .md files - english names ok - is the root
    # use a numeric prefix for extra control over the order
    $ touch ""
    $ touch "010"
    $ touch "020 Getting"
    $ touch "030"

    $ pub

Preview the site structure

Browse to http://localhost:3001 and check the urls for each of the pages.

Name the root page and edit your markdown

To specify a name for the root page, add a header and title to Leave a blank line after the header.

    ---- / ----
    name: Root page title

    # Root page text

Edit content for each of the files. The other pages don't require extra headers since they inherited their names from filenames.

pub -O to generate into ./out

This folder can be transferred to a static hosting service like github pages. Website css and js files are included, and generated files have .html extensions.

pub -S out to preview the new static website in ./out

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