System requirements

pub-server was developed with node.js or io.js on Mac OSX, so that is the recommended environment to run locally (for now).

A 1-click installer which eliminates the need to pre-install node.js and use the command-line is coming soon. Fixes for Windows support are also a high priority.

Global install

npm install -g pub-server

At this point you can run pub from the command line in any directory, to preview your .md files.

Project-specific install

Instead of depending on a global install, you can add pub-server to your project's package.json. This provides more granular control over which version of pub-server is being used.

npm install --save-dev pub-server

If you want to deploy pub-server onto a PaaS like Heroku, use a regular dependency instead of a devDependency.

npm install --save pub-server

Configuring scripts

You can also create script aliases for running pub with different options in your package.json E.g.

"scripts": {
  "develop":  "pub",
  "generate": "pub -O",
  "static":   "pub -S out"

Now you can call npm run develop or npm run generate or npm run static.

See Command line for details.

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