Command Line Options

Usage: pub [options] [dir]

Specifying dir will direct pub to a different working directory.

-h, --help

Output usage information on the command line.

-A, --no-open

Disable auto-open in browser (mac only).

-p, --port {port}

Override the default server port [3001].

-t, --theme {name}

Override the default theme with different module-name or dir, repeatable.

-o, --output-path {dir}

Override the default output directory [.].

-O, --output-only

Generate a set of output html together with static files into the output directory, and exit.

-G, --html-only

Output only generated html files and exit.

-r, --root <prefix>

Prefix urls with a static root, "." means path relative.

-s, --static {dir}

Override default static directory [.]. Also supports {dir},{route}. E.g. pub -s ./static/img,./images.

-S, --static-only {dir}

Serve only static files from {dir}. May use output options from pub-config.

-C, --config

Show the current configuration on the command line and exit.

-I, --ignore-config

Ignore the pub-config file in the current directory. This is useful when previewing a README in a directory which is being used for a site or theme with a pub-config.

-P, --pages

Show a list of pages and templates on the command line and exit.

-w, --watch-pkgs

Also watch inside packages, useful during package development.

-W, --no-watch

Disable the watcher, E.g. to prevent watching network directories.

-K, --no-sockets

Disable websockets, E.g. to reduce noise while debugging.

-E, --no-editor

Serve the rendered HTML only, no built-in editor.

-m, --minify

Minify browser scripts to reduce their download size (implicit with -O)

-d, --dbg

Serve scriptmaps with browser scripts, and send DEBUG to the client-side.

-D, --debug

Start node with --debug for server-side debugging (also implies -d)

-B, --debug-brk

Start node with --debug-brk (also implies -d)

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