pub -O generates a complete site including .html files generated from markdown, Browser Scripts, and copies of Static Files.

The output destination defaults to ./out

Usually pub-config will contain a single outputs configuration with the path and any other output-specific settings.

outputs: {
  path: './tgt',
  relPaths: true,
  omitRoutes: ['/img'],
  fqImages: { route:'/img', url:'' }

path overrides the default output destination directory

relPaths converts all internal URLs to relative paths. This is very helpful if you want to open the generated HTML files by opening them in a browser directly from the file system.

omitRoutes can be use to omit directories which a not required in the output e.g. image directories hosted at a different CDN endpoint.

fqImages specifies a route pattern for URLs which will be rewritten e.g. to point to a different host or CDN endpoint.

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