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There are many ways to setup your repos for publishing on GitHub Pages. This discussion assumes that you are publishing on GitHub Pages by pushing a "Project" repo with a gh-pages branch as described here.

Most docs assume that you want to maintain your gh-pages with your source in one repo.

However, things get a lot simpler if you separate the repo which holds the source used to generate your site, from the "gh-pages" repo used to publish it on GitHub Pages.

  • no switching branches and merging trees
  • no empty gh-pages orphan branch to intialize
  • no static content cluttering up your source repo
  • and allow for sites generated from multiple source projects

Publishing a new site to gh-pages

The following steps assume that you will use an out subdirectory in the root of the source project. Alternative paths can be configured using the outputs key in your pub-config.

To prevent the output files from being picked up as part of the source repo, add /out/ to your .gitignore file.

The first time you run pub -O it will create an out directory for your html output and other assets.

Test the output by running pub -S . and then navigating to http://localhost:3001/out/.

The -S <path> option runs pub-server as a static-only web server, emulating GitHub Pages. If you don't use a custom domain, this will also test the relative links in your html since your site on GitHub Pages will live under https://<id><repo>/....

If links are broken, make sure that your pub-config has an output with relPaths set. e.g

outputs: {
  path: './out',
  relPaths: true

At this point it may also be useful to run git status in the root of your main project to make sure that the out directory is properly ignored. If not, add '/out/' to your .gitignore file.

When you are ready to publish a new GitHub Pages repo:

cd out
git init
git add -A
git commit -m 'first pub-server output'
git branch -m gh-pages

The last step above just renames the default "master" branch to "gh-pages".

Follow the normal process to create a new repo on Gitub and use the suggested commands for intializing that with an existing repo, except when you git push -u the first time, replace "master" with "gh-pages".

git remote add origin<id>/<repo>.git
git push -u origin gh-pages

Publishing updates

Updating the site on GitHub Pages requires no fancy git magic. Simply re-generate the output into the out directory using pub -O and then commit and push the changes to GitHub.

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