Configuration with pub-config

By adding a pub-config file to a directory, you can control how pub-server processes files, rather than depending on defaults or command-line options. The pub-config for this documentation lives here.

A directory with a pub-config can also be packaged as a pub-server package or theme and distributed via npm, making it available for re-use in other projects.

options structure

pub-config exports a single javascript options object. The main path options keys are listed below and each is documented on a separate page

Besides the main path options, the following core server and generator options are recognized.

opts.production     // boolean (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production')
opts.port           // override port (process.env.PORT || '3001')
opts.appUrl         // string - qualify URLs (process.env.APP)
opts.linkNewWindow  // boolean - add target="_blank" to external links

Additional options may be available depending on the active theme e.g for adding links to GitHub and copyright notices.

JSON or JavaScript

You have the choice of using either a .json or .js file for configuration.

If you use a .js file, export the options object using module.exports. The following example shows how to generate different config options using environment variables.

var opts = module.exports = {};       = process.env.CLOUD;
opts.auth        = process.env.AUTH;

opts.pkgs        = ['pub-pkg-seo'];
if (opts.auth) { opts.pkgs.push('pub-pkg-google-oauth'); }

opts.sources     = [...];
opts.staticPaths = [...];
opts.outputs     = ? null : [...];

The syntax for .json is stricter, and it is not possible to include conditional logic, but json is easier to manipulate and re-serialize. No explicit export is required for json files.

Canonical path options format

Path options (all the keys above) can be either strings or objects and single-values or arrays. Objects are required if one path has additional properties. Arrays are required when there are multiple paths. The following are equivalent.

sources: './markdown'
sources: ['./markdown']
sources: { path:'./markdown' }
sources: [{ path:'./markdown' }]

Inspecting the config

To inspect the fully resolved options while pub-server is running, browse to /admin/opts.

pub -C will present a similar result on the command line.

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